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(sing me a love song & i’ll sing it right back to you)

Author: Eskimo Jo
Naomi/Michelle, Naomi/Emily, Cook/Katie; appearances by other Gen1/2.

language, sexuality

Word Count:  ~50,000
Fanmix: one and two; also score.
Set after Disintegration. Naomi’s trying to make a new life in London with the Stonems but when a girl from Tony’s past enters her world, old demons are drawn to the surface. A trip home to Bristol for Freddie’s memorial further complicates the present situation as she is confronted with her past face to face. Post-S4, Naomi-centric.
The names of all characters contained here-in are the property of Skins, Company Pictures, & Channel4. No infringements of these copyrights are intended, and are used here without permission.

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21 February 2011 @ 05:28 pm
I recently made a X-Gen skins roleplay on tumblr, we are currently looking for main characters from all three generations. If you are interested, you can find out more or apply here,
05 February 2011 @ 01:07 pm
Title: A Striking Observation
Pairing: Michelle Richardson/Karen McClair
Words: 800
Summary: Effy notices, of course she does.

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Title: My Mistakes Were Made For You.

Author: unbound001 

Fandom: Skins (Gen 1)/Skins USA

Pairing: UK!Michelle/US!Michelle

Rating: R

Warning: drug use, swearing, implied f/f secks, implied under-aged secks, you know, Skins stuff.

Spoilers: Spoilers for Skins series 1 and 2, and maybe even US Skins, if US Skins follows Series 1 and 2, and man, I don’t even know. There’s spoilers, ok!

Words: 3,802

A/N: Based on this prompt from youlooksick ’s Skins USA ficathon.

Summary: They don’t see any of it, but Michelle does. She sees it all. She feels it. She breathes it. She sees herself.

(The door handle rattles beneath Michelle’s fingertips...)

Subject: michelle richardson *uk*/naomi campbell
Title: resolved & then reversed
Warnings: none.
Genre: electronic/indie-pop.
i'm pretty obsessed with them, ngl ;)

in the end we're both the same @ rabbithearts.
21 January 2011 @ 04:59 pm
Title: God Only Knows What I'd Be Without You
Pairing: Katie/Tony
Words: 1300
Prompt: Something that involves Effy not being on the brink of suicide.

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10 January 2011 @ 01:20 pm
Title: Pros and Cons
Rating: NC-17 (for sexual content and bad language)
Characters: Katie/Tea
Words: 1,585
Disclaimer: I don't own Skins or the characters.
Summary: Just what they fucking needed: a stupid, up herself, American cunt, who is even more in-your-face about her lezzer tendencies than Emily’s become.

10 January 2011 @ 01:16 pm
Title: Stars In Your Eyes
Characters: Katie/Tony
Words: 768
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sexual content and a little bad language
Disclaimer: I don't own Skins or the characters.
Summary: She closes her eyes and inhales, takes in the sandalwood cologne, the hint of sweat, the smell of him.  She smiles to herself. 

Title: The Eight Loves of Katie Fitch (and the one that might work)
Word count: 10,183
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sexual content, some bad language
Disclaimer: Not my characters
Summary: Pretty much Katie "never not had a boyfriend since seven" Fitch gets around from the end of the Love Ball throughout S4. It's not a huge amount more complicated than that.